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Download the latest version of nuBolo (no longer available).


The current version is 1.0b9a (released January 15, 2007), a minor update that has the debugging files turned off, and includes some adjustments to the graphics for dead and nearly dead pillboxes, and neutral bases, for better visibility.


Features in 1.0b9 include a fix for a problem that prevented the display of base stocks when allied. 1.0b9 also features a game display that is 25% larger than the original 16×16 pixel Bolo graphics. See the release notes for more information. The image above is a screen shot of the nuBolo game window that illustrates the new graphics.


Frequently Asked Questions (new!)


nuBolo is a port of the classic Macintosh network game Bolo, written by Stuart Cheshire. It is not a “clone;” rather, it was developed directly from the Bolo 0.99.7 object code. This means the gameplay is very close to the original. nuBolo uses the same map file format as classic Bolo, and generates game log files that can be viewed with BoloViewer. It has been tested on Macintosh OS X versions 10.3 and higher.


Although the gameplay remains faithful to the original, there have been a large number of enhancements. The graphics are completely new, and now use SpriteWorld. Many improvements to the user interface have been made, including an integrated game tracker. There is no longer a need for an external game tracker such as Bolo Buddy.


Watch a nuBolo 1.0b8 game with BoloViewer (new!)


An overview of the features in nuBolo:

Enhanced 20×20 pixel map graphics.


Completely new Internet networking.


Integrated game tracker interface.


Using the external nuBolo game tracker (bolo.usu.edu, port 50000), it is now possible for players using Network Address Translation (NAT) firewalls to start games.


Inter-player messaging system integrated into the main game window. The TAB key can be used to toggle the keyboard focus between the message edit box and the game. Command-M also toggles the game window focus, as does a mouse click.


Map overview mode has been replaced with a “satellite photo” window that updates every two minutes.


nuBolo uses a new graphical keyboard setup dialog (select a keyboard from the popup menu if the dialog does not display your keyboard).


New slow turn controls.


The message wire can be set to ignore messages from selected players, if desired.


Completely new preferences dialog.


Allied assets now default to blue coloring, with the traditional green as an option selectable in the preferences.


Red/green color blind mode has been eliminated.


New option to display builders (aka Little Green Men or LGM) in yellow for higher visibility.