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A New Direction

We’ve decided to take Nubolo.net in a new direction. Times change, and we feel it’s right to focus our attention on more current trends. As such, we’ll be dedicating all our time and energy into digital marketing. This will start-off as a resource of information, guides and reviews, and will eventually lead to a level […]

NuBolo FAQ

Q1: Why doesn’t nuBolo have a map overview like classic Bolo?   A1: This is a controversial issue, but the reasoning for not having it is that the game should include an element of the fog of war. It also forces players to use pillview, rather than relying on map overview to provide the same […]


  Download the latest version of nuBolo (no longer available).   The current version is 1.0b9a (released January 15, 2007), a minor update that has the debugging files turned off, and includes some adjustments to the graphics for dead and nearly dead pillboxes, and neutral bases, for better visibility.   Features in 1.0b9 include a […]